Case study

Project Info.


Client: Sudest Production
Location: Vietnam
Scope: Code, design improve, special effect
Technology: php - Drupal 7.37 Version: 2014


Sudest Production


In collaboration with agencies and clients, local and international, and through creative partnerships with directors, cinematographers, designers, and writers, Sudest provides content production in Vietnam for all media.

Created in 1994, when the production industry in Vietnam was in its infancy, Sudest is still the recognised standard.

The company is committed to producing and maintaining creative excellence as the primary goal for their clients and partners.


Sudest Website Features

Specific Effect Website!

Section scroll
Each move of the website page will fit with one screen page. All the content will be structured to fit with screen size.

Thumnail auto fit screen
The size of the thumbnails displaying on all devices will be scaled and tiled on the screen respecting the picture ratio.

SEO Supported
Allow a control of meta title, meta keyword, meta disccription, url frendliness...

Videos embeded
Allow to embed videos from Sudest Youtube Channel or able to upload to website server.

Multi language
Able to translate the website into different lanaguages. This include 2 level of translation: labels & contents

Social network
Integrate with popular social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ through like, share functions.

Full screen display
All of the data shown on the website will calculated and displayed flexible with the size of the screen.

Media category management
Allow administrator to manage and classify all media content information in dynamic categories

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