Case study


Project Info.


Client: Dimovie
Location: Vietnam
Scope: Code, design improve, data crawling all movies websites in Vietnam,
Technology: Php - Drupal 7.37
Version: 2015




Using the potential of the web to benefit the interactions between cinema professionals and their audiences. And, striving to deliver a simply better cinema experience to more and more people in Vietnam every day. By doing so, Dimovie hope to contribute to the development of cinema in Vietnam and also, to help spread Vietnamese cinema beyond its borders.

By paying attention to even the smallest of details and by taking pleasure in building up, Dimovie do hope that the result will make the life of all those who use it a lot more enjoyable.

Dimovie Website Features

Full Cinema Movies Listing Features!

Data crawling
Crawl all movies data (movie information, show times,...) from all cinemas in Vietnam and update them all in database

Search function
Work on better search function. All data crawled is indexed and support user through proposing hints on searching


Disqus comment integrated
Embed disqus comment function on all movies comments. This allow to interact with disqus channel

Movies management
Organize movies data crawled to specific criteria allow user to search movies information


Account management
Manage user information and activities through dimovie. Allow to log in with facebook social network.

SEO Functions
Integrate module SEO with full checked list such as: url friendly, title tag, meta keyword, meta discription, alt tag,...

Cinemas Management
Manage cinemas from data crawled and organize them to a specific criteria for better searching


Want to watch function
Work on facebook apps and linked with dimovie website to notify friends the movies that a user want to watch.

Facebook apps
Work on facebook apps that allow to link with website dimovie function such as want to watch, vote, watched movie,...

Show Times
IManage show times of all movies from all cinemas in Vietnam. Refresh rate is configurable.


Watch movies vote function
Work on facebook apps that link with dimovie website function, allow user to propose a movies list for group to vote.

Responsive design
The website is able to adapt with all kind of devices: desktop, tablet, mobile, thanks to Bootstrap templates

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