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To manage your fast growing business with a big number of SKUs and various activities in different customer's segmentation..., normally, you will think it's necessary to have lots of tools to cover all of those. Otherwise, it will lead you to a crisis situation.

You may need the bellows:

-  An Independent Sales software to control your customers, sales orders, ...
-  An Independent Warehouse software to control delivery of your Sales order
-  An Independent Accounting software to follow up the payment & invoice to customers
-  A Price list function (may be in an excel file) to control your selling price for different customers
-  A BI Tools (Business Intelligence) to control your KPIs
-  And many other things may be in your list...

Now, in this case, you will find a big trouble in managing your tools to control which data will be sent to which softwares/tools to extract data. And, what if someone updates it late? And if the figures of all tools don't match, what should be the trusted one? And who will decide it?...

Then, you will figure out that to control your business, you will switch from manage your business expertise to manage your all of software, daily remind your staff to input figures and find solutions to make sure that it will run compatibility with each of those. It takes much of your time too.

The trouble of a Standalone Software that bring to a Fast growing business: Each of them will work well, But All of them won't.

We understand those trouble, we bring you a system solution that based on our ERP modules. Those of them integrated in the same system that work smoothly and seamlessly. You will save much of your time. And you just need to focus on what you do the best. The rest is of our system's capability