ERP Solutions

Great System To Do Business Effeciently!

Growth Your Business with ERP

Manage Businesses are never so easy now!

An important part of doing business is making decisions. However, you don't always have good and precise data to perform these tasks as it's just like in someone else pockets and you need to wait for collecting them all.

Then, an ERP system can bring you those with right information at any time in any place to support your right decision as all activities through the system will be engaged in clear workflows, centralized and tracked in real time!




Point of Sales




Engage your sales

A very important part of your business is that you are able to manage where the money comes from. They are a numerous business model s for managing this depending on how you run it, so there numerous modules you are able to deploy to handle this correspondingly.


Do Your Operations

Increase your efficiency in your Operations such as Project management, Stock controling, Purchase management, Manufacturing or many other specific operation that allow you to manage your prodution, service activities...













Manage Your Human Resource

Fully control the most valuable asset in your company - Human resource. You have your full functions & tools to manage daily activities as well as future planning your staff's career path. So, you will be sure that you will always have your human resource updated, planned, trained and organized.


Target Your Marketing

Run your marketing campaign and track these activities through various tools such as Mass mailing, manage your Events, do your survey or live chat... with your customers to promote your products or services.

Mass Mailing




Live Chat








Control Your Finance

Manage all of your finance and accounting activities from invoicing, payment following up, reconciling, budgeting, cost center controlling or asset managing.... These are all the functions that you need to performing full functional accounting & financing...


Increase Your Productivity

The key point for increasing productivity on your works is to have good communication channel as well as tools to support personal daily planning to perform your staff's works. We offer such tools as Chat, Notes, Etherpad intergration to task,...