Mobile Apps Solutions

Tailor-made Apps that fit your business concept.

4 Years Experience.

We know what's our Customers and End Users need!

One of the very difficult part of performing an apps is to understand our Customer business models and transform those to Functional and User Friendly Apps.

And, We do much further than that. We can understand our customer even if they just have a very draft and dream idea about their business. We discuss, develop those with our customer and filling up with the logics to make it possible to realize it and to make it useable to the end users.

We are able to transform customer idea to Sketch and Graphic Screen design that visualize the their business before any commitment to their business flow.


Cinema Apps

Just an example of our Works:

We work on Cinema Booking Apps for one of our Customer Galaxy Cinema that integrate & interact with Vista Booking System with 2 parts:

Vista Cinema Ticketing Booking Core

Vista Cinema CRM Core

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Work in Progress: Food Delivery Apps

We are working on Food Delivery ERP System + Apps to provide Food Delivery from as many as 400 shops in VN to provide various food items from various shops in One Order.

We work on 3 Apps: Customer Apps, Delivery Man Apps & Shops Apps.

With 2 Operation Systems: iOS & Android

From 1 Back End ERP System.