Jewellery Manufacture
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Jewelry Manufacturing

Jewelry Manufacturing Business Model mainly requires as many modules as Sales, Purchase, Warehouse , Accounting, Human Resources, Manufacture and other Special modules that support to perform a complete workflow from Sample development to Manufacturing, Quality & Loss Control and Shipment

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Jewelry Sample Development Flow

Start from Design, Mockup to Final Product, Development Process will come out with validated Bill of Materials (BOM), Routings and Product Costing... Final product is completely defined with all necessary information for the upcoming production

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Jewelry Sales & Purchase Flow

  • Complete Sales Workflow from Customer Order to Final shipment.

  • Possible to manage Sales / Purchase Order Status

  • Able to manage Customer / Vendor Payment

  • Control Materials & Finished Good

  • Control all Activities with Dashboard.

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Jewelry Production Flow

Detail Jewelry Manufacturing Workflow with sufficient Production Steps (Work Orders) through various Work Centers.
Able to control Production Losses and Recycle those in an Casting Batch.

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