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ERP Solutions

The whole system  is modularized that can be flexibly deployed to adapt to various needs based on your current situation

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are built to work independently or fully integrated and work seamlessly with the ERP system as a whole package

IT Services

Provide totally customized IT services such as Data crawling tools, customized software, Website of various type...

ERP - Point of Sales Suites

Complete System that integrated to all devices

ERP - Trading Suites

A consistent system that help.

FEOS - ERP Trading - Sales Management

Sales Management

Manage salable catalogue, all sales activities from quotation, sales orders until completed. Manage customers with all activity and communication history.

FEOS - ERP Trading - Purchase Management

Purchase Management

Manage all purchasable products, quotation & purchase orders. Manage vendor, vendor price list and all activities and communication history

FEOS - ERP Trading - Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Manage multi warehouses, locations, with configurable routes and operations on each warehouse. Manage lot, packages and traceability

FEOS - ERP Trading - Invoicing Management

Invoicing Management

Control all customer invoices and Vendor bills. Manage payment and reconcile with all related invoices & bills to complete sales & purchase orders

Trading Business Model Introduction

Introduce how to manage trading business workflow from the beginning to the end with complete package that works seamlessly between these modules: sales management, purchase management, inventory management and Invoicing & Payment Management

This is a total solution that help trading company to follow up and keep track of all trading activities. The system is flexible to extend to meet the current requirement.


ERP - Human Resources Suites

Complete Package to Manage your Human Resources

FEOS - Humane Resource Management - Attendance sheet

Manage all staff activities

Manage Employees, Job positions, Department as well as related Labor Contracts...Integrate Leaves, Holidays, with Attendance allow HR Manager to have a general view of all staff activities in a certain period of time by Day, Week, Month,...

All of activities are automatically fed to Payroll to have a precise and clear Staff salaries.

This will cut off huge time and effort of paper work.